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It may seem like a long time before your child heads off to college – but we all know that time goes by quickly!  And, there’s no time like the present to begin to LEARN about the kinds of things you need to know in order to support your child and their future education.  We have three “tracks” to offer where you can LEARN more:

College 101 – a very basic introduction to what college is, and how to plan for it, offered as a series of FAQs

College 201 – a more in-depth look at preparing for college, and preparing to pay for it, offered in more of a conversation style and with the opportunity to take a quiz to test your knowledge.  This section also includes our What If Calculator, letting you see quickly and easily how you can build on the Alfond Grant with your own savings, and what that could look like over time.

College 301 – a more dynamic way to learn about preparing for college, as well as information on other financial topics, offered in a series of short videos and other interactive formats

Pick a track, or even just some of the modules within a track, as part of your Plan each month.

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